0001 English - We just added new features to the WebApp
Oct 10, 2020


In order to improve the experience with your WebApp, we have carried out an update, in which new functionalities were added that you can find in the menu such as "Settings" and "Activity":

Settings section: Here you can activate the watermark that is active by default for any type of content loading (only new). This will help us protect your content, since all the content that we find with that watermark on other platforms or social networks will be automatically deleted, so it is recommended that you always have this option active, although it can be removed if so you want it.

Activity section: Here you can see all the movements that the user has made on the site (donations, likes, purchase of coins and new users' records). In addition, a phone number validation was added when purchasing coins to avoid fraud by users, that will significantly decrease chargebacks.

We remain at your disposal if necessary.
We wish you have a great day,
Team Peach

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